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As an FAA licensed Senior Rigger, of course I repack sport reserves, but also a lot more:

Most rig owners only think about the need to have the rig repacked to be legal.  But the whole point is the inspection .

How much will it cost? Work will not be performed without your prior approval and written estimates are available upon request. 

Pilots: Thinking about purchasing a used parachute?

PLEASE read my article 㼯B>On Buying Used Emergency Parachutes䠼/B>first!!  Whether or not you take advantage of my services, this will save you money and grief!!

While skydivers are trained in the selection, donning, and use of parachute systems, many pilots have only been told that they must wear it.  My customers are given full consulting services and extra attention in how to wear their parachute and how to use it.

Pilot emergency rigs are given the same exacting inspection, maintenance, and repair (as needed) that sport systems receive.

Having problems finding a Certified Parachute Rigger for your Chest type parachute? Your search is over. 
I am type certified in Back, Seat, and Chest parachute systems.

Is your military parachute system missing its cushion? Do long hours without the cushion make you want to stop flying??  Let me make you a new cushion like this one.

For your safety, I reserve the right to refuse to repack any parachute system deemed not air worthy.

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